Why Better Dads?

Great question! In today’s world, it’s up to all of us to create the next generation of compassionate, authentic and mission-driven men. Fatherhood is much more than having babies. It’s our collective responsibility to mentor and create a nurturing environment for all children to grow up in an equitable community. Join us!

Who is the festival for?

All of us! We are all responsible for creating the kind of community we want to be part of. How men show up in the world begins with what our children learn in their families, from the media, in their schools and from their peers. Women and men share equal roles in determining how we communicate, maintain relationships, respect one another and welcome diversity. We all have much to share. We all have much to learn. Come be part of this journey.

I'm not a father. Why should I come?

We all want strong, protective, loving fathers. Some of us have that experience. Some do not. Come share your experience, whatever it was. Together, our collective wisdom can move us in a good direction. We need you to be part of this discussion.

Is this primarily for men?

Absolutely not! Women play an important role in directing how men and fathers show up in the world. And aspects of fatherhood lie all along the gender spectrum. The next generation stands on all of our shoulders. The festival welcomes and has activities for all adults and the children that make up that next generation. What will we model for them?

Should I bring my Dad?

Absolutely yes! For many, this may be an opportunity to have that discussion you’ve always wanted to have. Or maybe another chance to share your gratitude for the man your father has been. Or maybe, your dad has some wisdom to impart to the rest of us. Or just bring him to have some fun! We would love to meet him!

Are children welcome?

The more, the merrier! There will be lots of activities for children of all ages. Our goal is to engage kids and their parents/guardians/mentors/friends in age-appropriate exploration and celebration of those relationships. Games, art, music, sharing circles, photos, letters… plenty to choose from! This will be a great way to celebrate Father’s Day!

Will the fountains be on?

Sorry, no. City utilities dictates they be on or off for the whole 12 hour cycle. Water and amps don’t mix well so…

Are pets welcome?

Sorry, no. Asheville City regulations prohibit pets. (Don’t tell them you are out having fun…)

Can I take photos?


What's the cost?

Admission to the festival is FREE and open to the public. Food and beverages will be for sale, as will our awesome festival T-shirts and CDs and other musician fare. Cash and credit cards will be accepted. Nearby banks have ATMs.

What kind of food will be available? Vegetarian? Vegan? Gluten-free?

We are bringing in vendors to provide a range of small plate options. We have asked them to post clearly which dishes meet the various dietary categories.

Will alcohol be served?

Highland Brewing Company will feature their “Better Dads Fest Golden Lager” as well as other craft brews. To purchase alcohol, you will need to show ID, get a wristband and purchase beer tickets at the main festival booth. No outside alcohol is permitted. Please no drinking near the Veterans Memorial.

What happens if it rains?

The festival will go on! Most booths, vendors and performers will be under canopy. If rain is predicted, we will do our best to provide shelter for activities. Check the forecast and bring an umbrella if needed!

Will there be bathrooms on site?

Yes, we will have plenty of portable toilets, including wheelchair accessible ones. Ok, they’re still porta-potties! Plan accordingly!!

How accessible is the festival?

Roger McGuire Green is generally wheelchair friendly. If there is a special accommodation you need, please let us know by submitting a REQUEST.

Can I bring camp chairs and blankets? How about packing my own picnic?

Yes, we welcome blankets and low profile camp chairs. You may bring your own lunch, but we invite you to support our festival food vendors, who are all local businesses that support our community and have invested in and support the vision of the Better Dads Festival.

Can I volunteer to help at the festival?

Ahhh, music to our ears!! We will need lots of volunteers to help set-up and break-down, act as guest service representatives, run activities and help sell beer. We also welcome help in advance planning and follow-up on our outcomes assessment. Your reward? A free Better Dads Festival T-shirt and knowing you are making a difference! Let us know where you’d like to help by clicking on our VOLUNTEER link.

For information on the event and sponsorship opportunities:

Tim Chumley - Festival Director
804-519-2810 • Email