Casino Hollywood in Louisiana has begun to transfer river vessels inland

On August 10, the Hollywood Casino in Baton Rouge began implementing its project to transfer river vessels to land, becoming the first in Baton Rouge to take advantage of the 2018 law allowing Louisiana river casinos to carry out such movements.

The project, which has an initial budget of $ 60 million, will include slot machines, sports betting and new restaurants, and all offers will be placed on one floor, unlike a three-story casino on riverboats, WBRZ reports .

The parking lot, located in the immediate vicinity of the existing Hollywood Casino, will be converted into an above-ground gaming and entertainment complex that will occupy 100,000 square feet of land; and the casino’s single-level floor alone will occupy an area of more than 27,000 square feet.

“This will bring huge benefits to the city of Baton Rouge. This will benefit the state of Louisiana, as it will increase revenue from the tax base. So, more employment. We are very excited, ” said Ronnie Jones, chairman of the Louisiana Gambling Control Board, during the groundbreaking ceremony.

Aaron Mollura, vice president of marketing at Hollywood Casino in Baton Rouge, said,

that due to the growing “demand of guests”, there are plans to have a “big sports bar”, which will become the Shaquille O’Neal Big Chicken restaurant.

Other expected commercial developments include a sports field and a betting shop once Louisiana enters the market. Louisiana was one of several states that approved sports betting in 2020, but it still remains unknown when this type of gambling will be launched, and the likely date will come before the Super Bowl next year.

It is estimated that the construction will be completed in about a year after the foundation is laid, and it is expected that new jobs will appear not only during the construction of the casino, but also for general work after the renovation is completed. The number of employees may increase from 300 to about 500, as well as another 160 people in construction.

The Hollywood Casino is the second project to move to land in the state after the Island of Capri in Lake Charles, but the first project to take advantage of the legislation of the state of Louisiana, and the first in Baton Rouge to move inland. When casinos were first allowed in Louisiana, the law allowed only one to be on land, a casinoHarrah & # 8217;s in New Orleans, while the rest were supposed to be on the water.

Peter Carlino, CEO and Chairman of Gaming and Leisure Properties, said:

“This will have a huge impact on the success of this business . We think that this is the most convenient place in the city.”

Source: YogoNet

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