Crown Melbourne To Train 1,000 Employees Of The Local Hospitality Industry

Crown Melbourne plans to train 1,000 hospitality workers at its local Crown College training center as part of efforts to fill the skills shortage in Victoria’s hospitality industry due to the COVID-19 quarantine.

The program, created in partnership with the Victoria Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Australian Hotels Association (Victoria), will not only offer free tuition to 1,000 successful candidates, but also pay them while they study. Crown said it aims to complete all training by July 2022, when people will be matched with businesses in need of qualified professionals.

“COVID-19 has had an incredibly strong impact on hospitality,” said Crown Melbourne’s executive general manager of food and Beverage, Enda Cunningham.

The skill standard applied in our industry ultimately benefits all of us, and given the scale we have at Crown and our training centers, we are proud to be able to contribute and help the industry get on the right track by training thousands of employees. ”

Crown said the course will include the basics of hospitality, including the basics of food and drink, customer service, tableware and cutlery, processing and polishing, taking orders, maintaining dossiers, service sequence and cocktail preparation.

Earlier this month, Melbourne reached an unwanted record when it officially overtook Beunos Aires as the most closed city in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic in more than 250 days. Restrictions under the current quarantine, which has lasted for the past four months, should begin to ease this Thursday after the vaccination rate in the state reached 70%.

Source: Inside Asian Gaming

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