Gross revenue from games in Macau for the third week of July increased by 6%

According to Sanford C. Bernstein Ltd, gross Gambling Revenue (GGR) Macau increased by 6% in the week ended July 18, compared to the first 11 days of the month. According to GGRAsia, Macau’s GGR for the first 18 days of July increased by 33% compared to the previous month and amounted to about 650 million US dollars.

However, the average daily value is still 63% lower than the values recorded in July 2019. According to Bernstein, VIP games grew by 28% in July, and mass revenue increased by 25%.

Analysts believe that the total GGR for 2021 will reach 50% of the values recorded in 2019. This would represent an increase of 140% compared to 2020.

GGR Macau is heavily dependent on players traveling from neighboring countries, mainly from China. But, given the unstable conditions of traveling around the world, the overall forecast of the game’s gross revenue is still uncertain. On the other hand, visitors to Guangdong Province can already benefit from the easing of travel restrictions, which contributes to the recovery of the gaming and betting market in Macau.

The gaming sector of Macau is suffering from absenteeism of visitors from Hong Kong. But the long-term plan to combine travel with Hong Kong is likely to be postponed again. According to analysts, visitors to Hong Kong can account for about 20% of Macau’s gaming revenue.

Earlier, Macau intended to lift travel restrictions between the two regions as soon as Hong Kong reaches 28 consecutive days without new cases. But now the easing of the rules will not happen until Hong Kong opens its doors to other areas of China. To do this, the region should have a vaccination rate of 70%. Currently, the number of people who received the second dose is only 30%. One more obstacle may be the need for strict control over international travel.

Source: iGaming Brazil

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