Illinois will decide on new casino licenses in January

The Illinois Gambling Board (IGB) said that a decision on licensing casinos in Waukegan and the southern suburbs will be made in January.

More than two years after the casino was allowed in Waukegan and the southern suburbs, four applicants for a license for the southern suburbs and three applicants for Waukegan will make public presentations of their proposals.

The presentation will take place on October 13 at a special meeting of the Illinois Gambling Council. The authorities intend to give initial approval to the winning projects by mid-January.

Because three or more applications are being proposed for each location, Illinois law requires that the board of directors hire a consultant to review candidates.

The administrator of the game board, Markus Fruchter, said that the presentations will help narrow the circle to three finalists, as required by the gambling law of the state of Illinois.

Source: Focus Gaming News

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