Nevada Casinos Welcome Repeal Of Face Mask Mandate

Governor Steve Sisolak announced the immediate termination of the mandate for the use of masks indoors in Nevada.

USA. In Nevada casinos, things are starting to get back to normal. Yesterday, Governor Steve Sisolak announced that the state will no longer require face covering in gaming halls or other enclosed public spaces. The change takes effect immediately.

Shortly after Sisolak’s press conference, Nevada Gambling Control Board Chairman Bryn Gibson sent a notice to the Las Vegas casino.

“Under Governor Sisolak’s Emergency Directive 052, effective immediately, people are no longer required to wear a mask in public spaces at licensed gaming establishments, unless the local jurisdiction still imposes such a requirement,” Gibson said. “If the licensee is subject to the requirements of the local jurisdiction regarding masks, the Council expects the licensee to comply fully.”

Sisolak warned:

“I want to make it clear, the emergency is not over yet.”

And added:

“The pandemic is not over. We still have too many cases, too many hospitalizations and too many deaths.

I hope and am confident, based on the data we have, that we are able to abandon this and return some freedom to people. Everyone wants to get back to normal … I mean, it’s been two years. I think the time has come,” the governor said.

The end of the mask-wearing mandate is good news for Las Vegas casinos. Despite record gaming revenue, during fourth-quarter profit and loss calls, casino executives said the mask-wearing mandate prevented some patrons from returning to Las Vegas.

Source: Focus Gaming News

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